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Summer Vibe - Walk off the Earth (Original)

2y ago


Summer Vibe Mp3 available: or We really appreciate you buying our music...Every cent we make goes back into the music and videos we make. Thanks for investing in this band! Please help us share this video by posting it on your FaceBook/Twitter etc...thank you! Catch WOTE live this summer: July 8 - Ottawa, ON July 9 -- Quebec City, QC July 13 -- Lansing, MI July 17 -- Boston, MA July 18 -- New York, NY July 19 -- Philadelphia, PA July 27 -- Guelph, ON July 29 -- Penticton, BC August 04 -- Chicago, IL August 10 -- Fredricton, NB August 19 -- Tokyo, JP August 23 -- Oklahoma City, OK August 25 -- Berlin, DE August 26 -- Wiesbaden, DE August 27 -- Cologne, DE (NEW VENUE!) August 29 -- Munchen, DE August 30 -- Vienna, AT August 31 -- Nuremberg, DE September 01 -- Bochum, DE September 02 -- Hamburg, DE (NEW VENUE!) September 03 -- Amsterdam, NL September 05 -- Paris, FR September 06 -- Bristol, UK (NEW VENUE!) September 07 -- Manchester, UK September 08 -- London, UK September 13 -- Montreal, QC September 20 -- Toronto, ON An original song from Walk off the Earth filmed on Hamilton Beach. SUMMER VIBE LYRICS: I'm looking for a summer vibe, got me turning on the radio, I gotta kick these blues Working all day, trying to make pay, wishing these clouds away I want to feel the sunshine, hit the sand Take a walk in the waves, with nothing else to do But sipping on suds, working on a buzz, keeping my drink in the shade Taking my time With you by my side A Cadillac ride Jammin w the boys Bonfire at night Summer vibe Looking for a summer vibe I paid my dues got nothing to prove Laying on the dock just talking to you Summer vibe Looking for a summer vibe I'm Jonesing for a good time, hitting beaches all down the coast, I'll find a place to post Gonna somehow, find a luau, dance this old night away I'm drinking something blue from a coconut, music all up in the place, under the moonlight Taking my time And the sun goes down But it'll rise again tomorrow Oh... EH-O, EH-O, EH-O BOP BOP AWAY-O CHORDS: Verse and Chorus: Am, F, C, G Bridge: F, G, C, G, Am, G, F