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10 Ways to Go from Day to Night 1. Stock Your Desk Invest in a mini flatiron or curling iron to keep in your drawer. Use dry shampoo to pump up limp strands. 2. Wipe Away the Day Facial wipes allow you to freshen up without redoing eye makeup. Dip a swab in remover to pick up stray specks of mascara. 3. Dew Your Face Office air is drying. Press a damp paper towel over your face and dab on a some hyaluronic acid for a quick hydrating facial. 4. Pump Up Your Pink Love the idea of a bold pout but can't embrace red lips? A high-impact pink is easier to wear, but just as transformative. 5. Boost Your Wattage A touch of shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes, brow bone, and cheekbones hides the ravages of the day. 6. Reset Lashes Open up eyes after a long day by recurling your lashes. Use clear mascara instead of black to avoid a clunky mess. 7. Make a Statement Wear a simple dress to work. At night, add some colorful earrings or layers of gold chains. 8. Spritz Away Wrinkles Spray on crease remover releases wrinkles. Create a steam effect with the heat of a blow-dryer (or a bathroom's hand dryer). 9. Downsize your bag Leave your tote at the office and transfer essentials to an elegant clutch. 10. Chew On This Before you walk out the door, nibble on a cinnamon stick to freshen breath and curb cocktail-hour muchies. Featuring Io Bottoms Subscribe to TheStylish: