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4y ago


In order to transition Stride Gum from their current position of “Ridiculously Long Lasting” to “Fuels NonStop Non-Sense” Stride Gum will turn to the Internet and the endless capabilities of YouTube to create the longest lasting stream of nonsensical totally rad homemade videos. Stride Gum will fuel the nonsense with a kick-off video on their Stride OOOOOON Facebook Tab that Stride Gum connoisseurs can add onto by submitting how they would continue the nonsense with Spearmint and keep the video as nonstop as the flavor. Everyone who uploads a video automatically gets entered for the chance to win a month’s supply of Stride Gum and every month Stride Gum will add to Stride OOOOOON! and introduce another favorite Stride Gum flavor to the mix that will consequently change the color.