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fortune cookie

fortune cookie

Strategic UX - Measuring the Customer Experience

4y ago


We all see white papers and articles every day of the week that talk about how we can improve Customer Experience. These written guides often have good concepts and ideas but none of them provide the reader with the advice on evaluation of the customer experience. How do you know if you have provided a good or bad customer experience? "You must go to the customer and not expect the customer to come to you." At this FREE Seminar we learned how to utilise all the information your website produces. We heard from Eewei Chen (BSkyB), Alberto Barreiro (ex ITV, Yahoo!), Javier Darriba (UserZoom), Richard Wand (Fortune Cookie) and other big brand industry experts who shared hints and tips on UX Strategy and Measuring the Customer Experience. These events provide you with inspirational ideas, tips, methods and tools to keep you up to date with all the current trends in the industry, plus introduce you to peers who face similar challenges to yourself!