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Straitjacket (2009) by Mark Applebaum

4y ago


Performed by the nief-norf Project: Bill Sallak, Kerry O'Brien, Andy Bliss, Mike Truesdell, Erin Walker When Steve Schick asked me for a new work to be commissioned by the Banff Centre for the Roots and Rhizomes Percussion Residency I worried "What kind of percussion piece do you write for a percussionist who has done everything?" I'm still not sure what the proper answer is to this question. But along the way I thought about putting ontological pressure on the boundary conditions of the medium itself; I considered the idea of paradoxically expanding Steve's seemingly comprehensive domain of musical experience through focused constraints; and I gravitated, perhaps habitually, toward a kind of super-disciplined absurdity—as if invoking a parallel world whose eccentric culture is governed by elaborate rules perceived but not understood. In short, I managed to compose Straitjacket, a provisional answer of sorts. Straitjacket, privately subtitled "four restraint systems for solo percussion and percussion quartet," intersects conceptually with formal techniques employed by the French literary group Oulipo: the palindrome, the isopangram, the lipogram, and the taquinoid.