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seeing things

seeing things

Stop Motion & 3D animation - Lemontree Testautomation

4y ago


This was my last collaboration at Populate - a film agency, I was involved in the concept and idea and made the 3D animation at the end of this video where the voice says: "For us, it is about seeing things from a different perspective" . (I projected the last frame of the stop motion on a 3D object, then animated the camera) CREDITS Client: LEMONTREE Producer: Ehsan Nasari - POPULATE Copywriter: Kamran Ghodsi - POPULATE Art Director : Daniel Lundh - SNASK Stop Motion: SNASK Postproducent: Peter Pamlenyi - POPULATE Produced by: POPULATE Storyboard and ipad animation: Rickard Bengtsson - ADME Concept, 3D & Animatics : Ivan Romero