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Staff Picks

Still At Keesler - Boyz 2 Airmen (Jones, Swan, Park)

2y ago


This is our perspective on what life is like at Keesler AFB. Lyrics: I dont wanna be at Keesler no more Its a nice base but its not what I'm looking for Hey yo I did my time at lackland afb, getting dirt on my face Taking that plane outta there was a dream come true The world was new. told us we were headed off to keesler and up we flew Looking out the window from the right of plane i could see the beach and women Just teasing my brain Buckle up we're coming in for a landing, Wheels hit the tarmac, grab my backpack, Weather so hot and that's a fact As they put us on that bus going to the levitow. Was confused at what to do, Still things i did not know But they kept us in check still playing mti, Hopefully today is not the day i die. by the hands of a very angry looking E-5 Briefs on briefs, good to the grief, get me out of here, i'm in too deep Yo i'm back, it's A1C Swany the one from CQ, remember me? Breaking news i'm finally off CQ, going to school like good airmen do Cyber warrior that's what i'm training to be Sitting in class every day of the week The weekends here are kinda fun, they'd be a lot better if I was 21 A couple airmen screw up and get in trouble Weekend curfew, for everyone, make it double Ever since our fridays were taken away, do pt and pointless briefings on those Days Standing in line at the defac, have to eat healthy gotta keep my six pack Can't wait to get back home to the big AZ Tucson, Arizona is where i'll be Yeah it's me, Big swag Park e Out at formation by 5-20 Better be on time or it's 341 Name on the hot sheet, you're in for some fun First it's a warning then it's RMTD DBA is what you don't wanna be All you gotta do is be on time Just clean your room, no dust on the blinds Listen in class there's no time for sleep Can't keep your head up, get on your feet Lookin for a love life, you got no hope Too bad my crush is a cute asian red rope Made it through basic thought i'd pay my dues Workin hard, sweat drippin ABUs Ya gotta keep your head straight, feel like a cell mate No failing here gotta make it to my grad date Get to wake up later on tuesday and thursday PT on monday, wednesday, and friday Details every night just cleaning the glass As i'm thinking bout tomorrows test hoping to pass If I don't then they'll want to counsel me And more than likely slam the loc Study hard, or just say I did Don't tell my instructor, he'll blow his lid After class line up for final form If we did something wrong, then we'll clean the dorm It's a hard knock life for an airman like me There's things that these people just do not see All the good I do is superseded by the bad, But when I try to explain myself it just makes them mad That's keesler life for ya and not much else Can't wait to leave this place, it really smells!