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Sticks & Stones by Blanket Barricade (Official Music Video) - indie rock/pop 2012 *new song release

2y ago


Song AVAILABLE On iTUNES: Or Bandcamp (For Pay As You Want): Presented by Blanket Barricade and Awkward Moment Productions: This is part 3 of a 4 part music video saga: Part 1 "Stray Shadows" - Part 2 "X-Out" - Part 4 "Just Because" - coming soon (subscribe so you'll get to see it) The trailer: Blanket Barricade on FACEBOOK - Blanket Barricade on TWITTER - Sign up for our uber-awesome mailing list: Sticks and Stones is the third video of a four-part Saga for the release of Blanket Barricade's debut album Parade Bells. CREDITS: Executive Producer - Wesley Krauss Producer / Writer / Director - Marshall Axani Associate Producer - Chris Judson Con Man - John Shaw Son - Michael Fenske Father - Peter Krauss Witchdoctor - Michael Fenske, Peter Krauss, Steve McArthur, Wesley Krauss Cult Members - YC Chan, Wesley Krauss, Samuel Li, Mary-Lee Neron, Myles F, Steve McArthur, Brett Fernets, Conned Ladies - Jennifer Krauss, Mary Trainer Director of Photography - Martin Dudzik Production Designers - Bardia Garshasebi & Janice Rae 1st Assistant Director - Diana Donaldson A-Cam Operator - Chris Moone B-Cam Operator - Martin Dudzik Steadycam Operator - Chris Moone 1st AC - Jonathan Williams Key Gaffer/Grip - Brett Fernets, Jonathan Williams On Set Dresser / Props - Sara Quine Hair / Makeup - Laura Moxon Editor - Marshall Axani Color Corrector - Martin Dudzik Shot on location in Coquitlam and Port Moody. Grip and Lighting Gear From PS Production Services Vancouver Monitor Rental from 604CameraRentals Special Thanks To: Judy Lin, Jeff Reusch, Peter, Jennifer, & Emily Krauss, Evan Meriwether, Dylan Cooper, Douglas Kerr, Gabrielle Danwich, The Axani Family and Danny Cameron for showing us the location for the fire scene. "Sticks and Stones" written by Wesley Krauss and performed by Blanket Barricade. Song Lyrics: Once we held the flame buzzed off pent up spite Demanding freedom from the guns who manned the heights But revolutions fade itches soothed away Temptations smoulder on embers falling deaf upon Forgotten passions held on Laid to rest we linger long The streets no longer beckon Rage no longer sparks Safe inside our houses Not fumbling through the dark Where did the passion go we used to storm the streets below What led us out to fight we rang the bells, lit up the night Where did it go the warmth of the afterglow The sweet temptation to throw back the sticks and stones Ambitions self contained medicated and restrained From filling space inside our minds waiting for sparks to ignite Coloured our world yeah we coloured our world in sunshine Coloured our world yeah we coloured our world in sunshine To tide the faded skies that held our world in grey Softly reasoning we shelved away our love Shushed the promise made Never to give up TAGS: cult salvation magic "new rock songs 2012" "indie song 2012" "new indie music 2012" "weird music videos 2012" "indie music 2012" "indie songs 2012" "weird music video" "indie music" "indie rock" pop barricade best top song songs "music video" "creative music video" crazy band bands videos 2012 new indie rock crazy weird strange most music epic "epic song" awesome sweet cool masks lyrics hd hq catchy "epic rock songs" "indie rock music" "indie rock songs" "new music" amazing awesome confusing