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the class

The St.Gallen MBA: The Admissions Process

4y ago


Peggy van der Wallen, Admissions Manager on the St.Gallen MBA, explains the steps involved in the admissions process and the characteristics that make a top applicant. "My job is to select good candidates. What we're looking for are candidates who have drive and potential to become good and responsible business leaders. Now, when I receive an application, I look at a couple of things. First of all the working experience. We like to see people who already have a couple of years working experience. The average in the class is 5 years and it doesn't necessarily have to be a corporate business background. We like to see diversity in the class. So if you come from a non-profit organisation, if you have an academic, an educational background, maybe you come from the sport's world, that's what we're looking for. We like to see different types of profiles in the class. "We like candidates who have a solid academic background. The programme in St.Gallen is quite demanding, and therefore we like to see that you are able to contribute to classroom discussions. Also international experience is an important factor. We have a small class - we have roughly 40 people in the class every year - we have between 20-25 different nationalities, so its quite international and we like to see that people have been working in an international setting before the MBA."