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Stephen Moore, Wall Street Dipshit, on Oil and T. Boone Pickens

4y ago


More Dipshittery from Stephen Moore on Bill Maher (thanks VideoThink): From the people who brought you Economic Collapse... It's another Wall Street Dip Shit! Meet Mr. Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, Cato Institute, and the Heritage Foundation [Stephen Moore] "I'm not a believer in peak oil, I'm a big believer in the Julian Simon idea that these [oil] are infinite resources, not finite resources. And the reason for that is that oil comes from the human mind, it doesn't come from the ground! [T. Boone Pickens] I don't understand, Steve, when you said oil is not from the ground but it's in the human mind. What does that mean? [Stephen Moore] Well what I mean is that it's human ingenuity that used to be that people first discovered oil it was just this black gloop that came out of the ground and nobody had any use for it...Do you agree with that? [T. Boone Pickens] No. [Stephen Moore] No? [T. Boone Pickens] No. I do not agree with that at all. Well Steve, your head maybe full of black gloop that nobody has any use for, but not ours. We know that Oil is in fact, like all resources, finite. We know we need more wind and solar power. So what do you have to say about that? [Stephen Moore] Wind and solar are not the great green technologies that they are advertised to be. It is because they take up so much land. Let's say that you wanted to provide enough electricity to light up Manhattan and keep Manhattan lighted up at night and you wanted to do that with wind power. To do that you would have to convert the entire state of Connecticut - the entire land area of Connecticut into a wind farm to produce enough electricity for Manhattan. Now, paving over Connecticut may be a good thing to do, but, you know, that is a whole heck of a lot of land. How in the world is it better for the environment to pave over the landscape, to industrialize our landscape with wind power and solar, rather than to use things like nuclear power or coal or oil that don't use up a lot of land? What needs to be paved over to create a wind farm? Wind farms can even be placed in the ocean. Mr. Moore is clearly misinformed...or perhaps his wall street agenda is getting in the way of the energy independence our country needs. Mr. Moore would have you believe that this wind farm is more environmentally damaging that strip mining for coal or oil spills. One more thing. When Mr. Moore says: [Stephen Moore] The price of oil today, when you adjust for wages and prices, is cheaper than it was a hundred years ago. That, of course is completely wrong. Oil today, even at a cheap forty-three dollars a barrel, is, excluding the crisis of the 1970's, more expensive than it has been at anytime since 1876. So when Mr. Moore says: [Stephen Moore] The price of oil today, when you adjust for wages and prices, is cheaper than it was a hundred years ago. At worst he is spreading misinformation to benefit his tiny Wall Street clique, at best, he is just stupid. It just goes to show you the class of people who run the show over at Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal. Another batch of faith-based wisdom from another know-nothing Wall Street dip shit.