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Staying alive

4y ago


Living a lie, thinking you are free when you are actually being owned by the crown, thinking you are a patriot when you only are a security guard at the corporations' doors. It takes alot more effort and energy to fly you know, gravity is free, it takes you alot more effort to live a lie than to live reality, and you know Morphius from the Matrix movie..well he is a big fat lie too, the real world is beautiful, it is our eyes who are scratched and not the skies. The Matrix is mine since i weave it with my grammar, so mind your words and play the game and you will be reworded with endless fields of strobary and rivers of flowing wines. A documentary essentiel to understanding the lie: A revolutionary song from the 5o's: Control the grammar, control the Matrix, or the matrix controls you: Song: Ziad Rahbani, Ataba3