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Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts

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STARVING Your Way To 6pack Abs!!!

2y ago


For more on the secrets on nutrition and workouts go to: Hey Guys! In today's episode of Six Pack Shortcuts Johnson and I are going to be talking about getting a six-pack from starving. NO! we are not saying you can achieve this. But we think it is necessary to talk about this due to the fact that we've been receiving this question a lot. It sounds like it makes scenes, you must eat as little as possible to loose weight and get a six-pack. The truth is that in proceeding in a program like this is the worst thing you can do to your body. Please don't do this you will look like crap!! Here are some of the tips we go through in this video *The wrong way to eat in which you will always be hungry *The proper way in eating less and loosing weight If you've been frustrated by your lack of results in the gym and with your nutrition then you need to see this: