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720p HD 5.1 Digital Dolby Production Notes Celebrate with me the movie that changed my life and that of countless other imaginative people, beginning in the summer of 1977. "Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope." Thank You George Lucas, Maestro John Williams and Star Wars for thirty-five years of the most Spectacular Adventures and Music in our lifetime. *THIS IS A STAR WARS PARODY. ALL IP RIGHTS RESPECTED AND ACKNOWLEDGED NOW TO ALL RIGHTFUL OWNERS.* This production is my own personal work to salute George Lucas and Maestro John Williams. The story, visual effects, principal photography, editing, acting and all voice characterizations were accomplished by me. Time involved to create this nine minute opus was roughly fifty hours. It was a fun and enjoyable labor of love. I celebrate, George Lucas by extrapolating his Star Wars storyline. I celebrate, Maestro John Williams by matching story and visuals to his incredible music. "A long time ago in a universe way out there..." "The Sequels Strike Back" was a 1980 Film Festival production for the company I established in 1979, Cinemaplay Film Group. Now "TSSB" has its own sequel: "The Sequels Strike Again." "The pacifist movement to make the Midi-chlorians mute to The Force, thus denying its power to the Jedi, is why we must unify both sides of The Force. It's the only civilized way to respect our symbiotic benefactors." -- Obi-Jinn Kenobi Dark Times have returned to the Galactic Republic and you are now meeting the reincarnation of Lord Darth Vader. "There can be only one Master of The Force, and I am its Master." Tampering with mother nature will turn sour for the Chlortic Bioplast Enablers, (CO.BI.Es) as they modify a Midi-chlorian life form's genome component (nightmares) of the (Sith) Dark Side of The Force, into what will become: The Ambersyth. Unfortunately, the secretly cloned twins of Padme Skywalker will be imbued with this Ultimate Power and challenge Darth Vader for superiority to become... Masters Of The Force. (Remember how Anakin was plagued with nightmares of Padme's death? Then Padme gave up 'the will to live,' birthing Luke and Leia, dormant to The Force. Her cloned children will inherit, Anakin's nightmarish Darker Side and the Skywalker Family Saga continues. George Lucas is a genius.) Yoda was always confused, using The Force to see into the future. Unsure if Anakin Skywalker was truly the Chosen One to bring 'balance' to The Force? Well in the "TSSA" Universe, the Light Spirit of Anakin will help bring about, not balance but 'unity' to The Force. With considerable help from Keott-Solo and Obi-Jinn Kenobi. Yoda as it turns out, was very good at predicting the future. Has the Dark Spirit of Darth Sidious become that which infuses Darth Vader? It appears to be so. "Unlimited Power!" in life. "Ultimate Power!" as Spirit of the Darker Side. The Parallel Universe of "TSSA" is filled with Maestro John Williams' music from the Star Wars and Harry Potter feature films. I consider Mr. Williams to be the greatest symphonic composer of the 20th and 21st century. I'm sure Steven Spielberg and George Lucas must have thanked their lucky stars many times when their own spectacular projects, inspired the genius to flourish out from John Williams. I am inspired by his wonderful compositions in my creative ventures and can't go a day without listening or humming some measure of the great musician's scores. has the greatest archive of John Williams music and I download and enjoy his music this way. The MP3 files are simply superb! The Boston Pops MP3 Albums are also available whereas the CDs are difficult to find in stores. *This movie is formatted for presentation within YouTube display parameters. Jittery and irregular playback can be expected, on an otherwise perfect 1080 HD experience. Allow to buffer fully and clearing your browser cache may help smooth out the presentation.* Grateful to YouT...