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murder mysteries

murder mysteries

STAR TREK (TOS) - Moments in Time

4y ago


HQ download, music info, etc. on my website; just pm me if you don't already have the address. It might have been made half a century ago, but this series remains one of the best and continues to kick the crap out of most similar shows from recent years. It was hard to narrow it down but this is a runthrough of my 15 favorite episodes, in no particular order other than how they fit with the music. The Naked Time - very funny ep with everyone's inner craziness being forced to the surface Mirror Mirror - alternate reality with evil twins, need I say more? Tomorrow Is Yesterday - great time travel episode with good guest characters This Side of Paradise - the crew on happy pills and Spock in love; funny but with some powerful drama Shore Leave - the writers were definitely downing cough syrup for this one The Enemy Within - a great look at human psychology; Shatner did well with psycho vs. vulnerable Kirk The City on the Edge of Forever - a truly amazing, powerful drama in every way Return to Tomorrow - body snatchers and evil Spock! A Piece of the Action - Star Trek does gangster Chicago; one of the most hilarious episodes of any show ever Spectre of the Gun - crew sentenced to death by way of wild west stereotypes...awesome Amok Time - Spock in heat and finally a look at his home planet The Immunity Syndrome - another intense, powerful episode with great character interaction The Trouble With Tribbles - this really shouldn't need explanation Dagger of the Mind - Star Trek does psychological horror, plus the first Vulcan mind meld Journey to Babel - meet Spock's parents, plus a murder mystery *I know that everyone's got their own favorites and someone already expressed surprise about "Devil in the Dark" not making my list but hey, diversity makes the world go round, right? You're welcome to recap your own favorite eps.