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Stan Romanek Window Alien FAKE

4y ago


Infamous alien encounter of Stan Romanek. FAKE. Stan is also King of Child Porn: But his followers overlook that claiming instead that he was set up. Yet they do believe THIS video. This OBVIOUS set up was given wide publicity. Larry King hit an all time UFO low- interview with this. Let's see? He alleges a peeping Tom but DOESN'T close the shade/blind. We NEVER see the outside of the house. If this were me, I'd be HIDING outside with camcorder, cell phone & a BAT! Or I'd ask someone to help me do the same. NOTHING happens until Stan steps away from the window. How convenient. Then comes the much anticipated suspense of wait & see. STOP!. As with ALL these videos it is dark, grainy, & SET UP to "just happen," on cue. FAKE!