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george h bush

george h bush

The Spy Who Was President? Emile de Antonio Looks At George H. Bush

2y ago


This is the third segment from an hour long interview with documentary filmmaker Emile Di Antonio about George H. Bush. In this segment we look at the career of the 41st president oil man, twice failed senate candidate, secretary to the UN, ambassador to China, head of the Republican party, head of the CIA, and ending with his election as vice president. The question under discussion in all this is was he an agent over these years Is George Bush the spy who would be president? This interview was from a San Antonio Texas public access show called Alternative Views (#396). It aired most of the 80's and into the 90's and covered the underside of the Reagan revolution. Their guests were ex CIA whilstleblowers, investigative reporters and documentary filmmakers. You can access a number of their programs at the InternetArchive