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4y ago


A free indie game for iOS and Android mobile devices. See more at follow undertaker at: "Wake up, Undertaker!, We have returned!" That voice is exactly the same, each Memorial Day, I hear in my dreams and forces me back to reality. I get out of bed without making a sound. They come to take revenge on those who deprive them of light, he who banished them into eternal darkness Awkwardly I look out the bedroom window and watch as they begin to rise from their resting places. There I see all the dead people I have burried with my own hands over the days, months, years and even decades They stick theirs bloody eyes on me. They want revenge!. Undertaker is an action game that revives the undead and the old style of the classic arcade games we played with for many years. Simple and addictive, the adventure takes us to a common cemetery where the Undertaker will face a wave of zombies you have to be eliminated if we are to survive. Reacts against those who threaten you and do not let them end with your level of life! To play, We have to eliminate the zombies who threaten us out of their graves and on the screen. At the same time, be careful not to delete other characters who are not zombies and they expect your pity. A seemingly simple game that will hook you as you level up and complicated with each zombie you eliminate. Don't trust yourself, and put your senses alert to the difficulties that you'll encounter. Fantastic characters and realistic sounds that will put you right into the adventure and the role of Undertaker. Difficulty levels -10 -First person view -Enemies with different characteristics -Combos to help you overcome the most difficult situations You will be able to overcome all obstacles and different levels, and become the real Undertaker? Test yourself and reach the number one ranking. A challenge for lovers of tension and difficulty. A pleasure for lovers of classic games. Dirección Cándido Pérez de Armas DOP Christos Polychronopoulos Actores Miguel Lorenzo Gay Beneharo Hernández Yessica Abreu Fernández Rebeca Pérez Rodríguez Zombies Alumnos del I.E.S. La Laboral 2º Bachillerato Artes escénicas, Música y Danza Agradecimientos Goretti Rosales Padrón Enrique A. López Mariluz Rocha Aarón Barreiro Moreno Mª del Carmen de Armas Perea Realización Cándido Pérez de Armas Maquillaje Naomi Chevalley Vestuario Nieves Zamora Una producción de The RoadKill Project y Producciones El Cazador de Sombras para GRUPO PROMINEO S.L