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'Splinter Cell' Headed To Big Screen

4y ago

Description - Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Will Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher be sneaking his way onto movie screens soon? We've got the details. Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros and Paramount are both in talks to bring Ubisoft's best-selling video game Splinter Cell to the big screen. The game, which has sold 22 million copies over six games follows Sam Fisher, a covert operative who is recruited into a secret sub-agency of the NSA. The series bears the name "Tom Clancy's" Splinter Cell, but was endorsed by the author rather than created by him. The next installment of the game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is set to hit store shelves early next year. Ubisoft, the company behind the game have been interested in bringing Splinter Cell to the big screen for some time. At one point, producer Jerry Bruckheimer was eyeing the project, but ultimately chose Ubisoft's more family friendly game Prince of Persia to bring to the big screen. That film, though a modest success in the U.S., went on to gross $327 million worldwide. Video games have had a tough time transitioning to the big screen, but the cinematic storytelling of the Splinter Cell franchise should work well. Ubisoft is expected to be intricately involved in the project as it makes its way to theaters. So are you excited to see Splinter Cell on the big screen and who do you think would make the perfect Sam Fisher? Let us know by commenting below and don't forget to subscribe to stay in the movie know. I'm Misty Kingma, thanks for watching.