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trailer music

trailer music

The Splatters on XBLA - "Reviews Are Here" Trailer

4y ago


"The Splatters is a fun and addictive take on the physics puzzle genre." - IGN "A truly wonderful game 9/10." - Destructoid "It's totally awesome." - Official XBOX Magazine "A surprising amount of fun and challenge." - Game Revolution "Very much worth every penny you will pay 9/10." - GameStyle ---------- The Splatters are acrobatic masters with a unique death wish - to blow themselves up with style! In this award winning action-puzzler, you will unlock and master a variety of stunts and perform spectacular moves to clear out each stage in the most show-stopping way possible. And using Splatter TV, an in-game feature for sharing game clips, you'll pick up a ton of new moves as you watch the world's top players perform their jaw-dropping combos. It's a messy, vibrant show of skill and splattery destruction. Life's short. DIE WITH STYLE. ---------- Visit our website on Look for The Splatters Game on Facebook. Twitter:!/spikysnail. ---------- Trailer Music Track: "Bust A Move" by the super talented "Infected Mushroom". Huge thanks guys for letting us use this track in our trailer. You're awesome! :) Check out Infected Mushroom FB here: ----------