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2y ago


You're watching a non-manipulated reality in a daily life situation. Likewise it's an interpretation of it, what it would be like if we unleashed the frameworks of what we see is. When we let go of these our surroundings are taking visual shapes that we're not used to see them in. You may now play once again with your sensory impressions as they were experienced for the first time, let yourself wonder and marvel. Just like before your recollection told you what you're about to see before you saw it.  The inability to reinterpret has become a national disease due to stress. Our environment is seen as merely function and our lives are therefore similar, a slavery to the predetermined. This is an invite to stop. To see, feel, smell, be in the present time. An invitation to try to shape our reality, rather than let it shape us. Music: Minilogue - The Leopard