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Spider-Man Movie Game Review

4y ago


My version: GameCube Other Platforms: PC, PS2, XBOX Number of players: 1 (Bowling minigame has 1-4 players sharing a controller) ESRB: E (6+) My recommended age to play this game: at least 8 Why: It isn't an extremely hard game but it can get frustrating. There isn't a lot of over the top violence or language either which makes it a bit more family friendly. Score: 7/10 Pros: Fun, Bruce Campbell, Cheats, and a Level Selector Cons: Poor Loading Times, Camera issues, Harder than it should be Time spent with this game: Probably somewhere in 75-80 hour range. I played this game a lot back in 2002-03. Review Playtime: 5-6 hours Current Prices: Anywhere from $88 to $2 What I would pay for this game: I bought this game at full price back in 2002 ($50). I think that $10-20 price range is fair. Buy/Rent/Skip: Spider-Fanatics Buy; Everyone else: rent/borrow. Review Completion Date: December 3, 2009 Everything stated in this review is my opinion. Spider-Man (2002 Movie Game) Spider-Man and all related Marvel characters, TM and © 2002 Marvel Characters, Inc. Spider-Man, the movie, © 2002 Columbia Pictures, Inc. Game code © 2002 Activision, Inc. and its affiliates.