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Spacex 'Dragon' Capsule Unberths From International Space Station

4y ago


Video of the SpaceX 'Dragon' capsule unberthing from the International Space Station. Discussion of SpaceX's ability to adapt and fix things during the mission, and NASA's willingness to let company folks take the lead. Actual splashdown is approx 11:40 AM ET. The linkup last week of a privately built capsule with the international space station boosted the prospects of commercial spacecraft shuttling U.S. astronauts into orbit, though Capitol Hill disputes continued to threaten the possibility. For more than two years, National Aeronautics and Space Administration leaders and congressional critics have disagreed about budgets, timing and safety issues. By 2017, NASA wants to outsource to private companies all cargo and manned trips to the space station, which orbits 240 miles above the Earth.