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Staff Picks

Spacebeat - Zero Point // Stellar Fountain

4y ago


Spacebeat - Zero Point // Stellar Fountain [SFR023] Genre: Prog-House,Electronica, Release Date: Jul 02 2012 Beatport: Label: Stellar Fountain 1 Spacebeat - Zero Point (Original Mix) 2 Spacebeat - Zero Point (Tip D'Oris Dub Mix) 3 Spacebeat - Zero Point (Philowz'O Remix) Release Info: Kirill Bugakov aka Spacebeat become a member of Stellar Family with a crunchy piece of music called 'Zero Point'. Kirill has been working with Deepsessions Recordings and Proton sublabels like ADRO and Fluro Music. Now he delivers something which comes from the heart with passion., The main title is simple, but amazing with it's effective build up and mind driving breakdown where we take a trip to outer space., Tip D'Oris never forget those people on the dancefloor who are craving for boundless bliss. Now they get what they want! Tip added his techy favour to the original material and it became a real monster., Philowz'O going through an emotional route, where a lots of synths come and go. Floating on the wings of melodies, we let the music drives us to the zero point. Music Promo Service by VIP Ultima VIP Ultima is a Promotion Service for Music Professionals. It is used by Record Labels, Promotion Companies, and other Professionals in the Industry to manage their promo campaigns and get feedback comments from Top International DJs and Reviewers