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5y ago


SOULFISH 2 is an epic global fly-fishing adventure. FISH MODE is a state of being experienced by the anglers who lived this adventure. It’s a trance like state in which the angler becomes completely fixated on the pursuit of the fish and in that moment nothing else matters. This one of a kind adventure documentary follows some of the most dedicated and experienced fly anglers in the world as they chase some of the greatest Game Fish on this planet to waters around the globe. It’s a visual and sensual experience that lets you see through the eyes and explore the thoughts of some of Fly-Fishing’s greatest personalities. From a first ever fishing expedition to a remote river in Northern Mongolia in search of giant Taimen with Jeff Currier, Brent Dawson, Peter Mullett and Mikey Wier, to dry fly fishing for steelhead in remote British Columbia with April Vokey and friends. Experience a grand slam on the flats of Belize by an unlikely fly angler, Mike Copithorne. Then fish poppers for America’s favorite fish, Large Mouth Bass, deep in the heart of remote central Mexico with Richard McPherson. Return to the rich Marshes of Louisiana before the great Oil Spill to chase Red and Black Durm with Capt. Bryan Carter and friends. Next Coach Duff gives us a glimpse of chasing the largest Bonefish in the world on the beautiful flats of Oaho Hawaii. Then journey down to the Nile River to chase record breaking Nile Perch and African Tiger fish with world adventurer Jeff Currier and African angler Jonathan Boulton. Eventually you end up back in California for some epic trout fishing on some remote and beautiful streams and rivers. Tear through the world on the ultimate chase for the unmatchable catch and experience the SOUL of this art we call fly-fishing.