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The Song for Ramsgate

4y ago


I'm heading home again to Ramsgate Our women have exquisite gams, mate Our students pass all their exams. Rate Ramsgate right at the table's top There's nowhere else around the planet As pretty as the Isle of Thanet I first drew breath there I'll die my death there There's nowhere else that can compare The people there are England's kindest Our sightless all of Europe's blindest The sea air's fragrant. We treat a vagrant As kindly as the Prince of Wales We've got the UK's finest beaches The poetess who visits reaches For words to praise our brilliance Our courage and resilience No words exist, though, that suffice We've got a picturesque marina And every local, be he cleaner Or banker loves to be here For there is no debris here The council sees to all of that I've been to Hong Kong and Geneva My travels made me a believer In Ramsgate's being the best Yes, I feel truly blessed To call this magic place my home