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Some QB That I Used To Know - Gotye Parody

2y ago


Song parody of Gotye's "Somebody I Used To Know" about an Indianapolis Colts fan and a Denver Broncos fan dealing with the departures of Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow from their team. ITUNES DOWNLOAD LINK COMING SOON This is a parody. Youtube has wrongfully automatically flagged this as actually being the original Gotye song. We re-recorded all of the music ourselves even adding extra instrumental arrangements. It is clearly new lyrics. LIKE us on Facebook: FOLLOW us on Twitter: LYRICS Now and then I think about when you were drafted Just a Volunteer player with a pedigree Told myself that you were right for the team But secretly I wanted Ryan Leaf But I was wrong and you're the best I can remember You can get addicted to a certain kind of success Like every game was a win, always a win So when I heard we had let you go Faith in my team was at an all-time low But I'll admit the statement you read made me cry But I know we had to cut you off You were awesome but your vertebrae just kept on breakin' Now we've drafted Andrew Luck Cause watching Curtis Painter was a little bit rough And even though you ran so slow You won a ring, broke some records so we'll hang up your number I guess all Colts become Broncos Now you're just some QB that I used to know Now you're just some QB that I used to know Now you're just some QB that I used to know Now and then I think of all the games you screwed us over Part of me not caring 'cause of all the games you had won But Elway didn't wanna play that way Scoring six points every single game The fans didn't want to let you go But a four time MVP made you some QB that we used to know But you didn't have to trade him John Make out like a playoff victory was barely nothing And even though we love you Tim Your quarterback ratings were a little bit rough.  I'll admit that you are good in red zones But your throwing really sucks and you're a bit of a fumbler I guess Jesus doesn't like Broncos Now you're just some QB that I used to know (X2) Some QB I used to know Some QB Now you're just some QB that I used to know I used to know That I used to know I used to know Some QB CAST/CREW Written & Directed by: David Ward Kody Gibson Starring: Russell Groves Lizabeth Waters Recorded and Mixed by: Mark C. Wilson Makeup by: Jenny Lin HUMORdy is a collection of comedians, actors and filmmakers from Austin, TX. It's also a made up word. SUBSCRIBE for new comedic videos ranging from sketch, stand-up, song parodies, and whatever the hell else we feel like doing that week. TAGS Gotye Kimbra "Somebody That I Used To Know" "Making Mirrors" "walk off the earth" "5 guys 1 guitar" "Peyton Manning" "Tim Tebow" "Denver Broncos" "Indianapolis Colts" "Andrew Luck" "Football" humordy "sketch comedy" "stand up comedy" "austin tx" austin parody comedy humor Funny Spoof Nfl