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graham smith

graham smith

so|fraiche feature: DIZNI Exhibition @ Graffik Gallery

4y ago


DIZNI Dysfunctional Irate Zany Neurotic Individuals DIZNI features new interpretations by Alec Monopoly, Ron English, Tee Wat, Speedy Graphito, Andy Seize, Jason Busk, Dotmaster, Dom Pattinson, Milo, Nuno Raminhos, Menghu Chen, Eyesaw, Gregory Siff, DDS, Inkfetish, Le...eks, Carleen de Sozer, Dom Pattinson, Valery Pannetier, Matt Keeling, Redlock Graham Smith and Saskia Hahn. Once upon a time in the kingdom of Portobello there was a contemporary arts venue named "Graffik Gallery". D.I.Z.N.I. will be trespassing from 17 May -- 3 June. When we think of children's stories, two entirely different kinds of tale come to mind. Disney publishes beautiful tales with kind fairies who grant wishes and sprinkle fairy dust. These stories stem from the Victorian period, an era when the Grimm brothers' tales were sanitised. Tales by the Grimm brothers or Hans Christian Andersen where the storyline is dark, gruesome, a little bloodthirsty, and the fairies are naughty little bastards who might attempt to steal your children are more riveting. Graffik Gallery finds the latter so compelling that it has organised the DIZNI exhibition. By showcasing coquettish and controversial painted cartoon characters popular images will be be stripped from the constraints of reality and their cultural significance, known for generations. Filmed and edited by Ray Mufasa @raymanmufasa Film producer: Cyril Ofori Nelson Touch up: Gerald Sagoe