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live show

Social Blade New Server Almost Here!

4y ago


Social Blade YouTube Stats turned two just recently and in those two years it has grown so much! So much in fact that the database that its been on just can't cut it anymore. So in order to keep the site speedy and also add more to it I've been shopping around for a new server to run it from and last night I finally got it. Things aren't moved over yet but I hope to get things set up in the next few days. What this means to you is either tonight or tomorrow night there will probably be about 30-60 mins of downtime as I move things over. Also make sure your subscribed to as I'm thinking to doing a live show tomorrow probably. Track your YouTube Stats Like me on facebook! Follow me on twitter! Google Plus anyone? Subscribe to me on YouTube! You're already here, just hit subscribe :) Check out my second channel if you want even more!