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soap bubble

soap bubble

Soap Bubble 「シャボン玉」Duo Ex ovo: Thomas Foster & Taro Wayama

4y ago


Music by Shinpei Nakayama Words by Noguchi Ujo Arranged by Taro Wayama Translation by Katsuei Yamagishi しゃぼん玉 とんだ 屋根まで とんだ 屋根まで とんで こわれて 消えた My soap bubble flew upward As high as the roof of my house. As high as the roof of my house And it suddenly went pop . しゃぼん玉 消えた とばずに 消えた うまれて すぐに こわれて 消えた My soap bubble popped too soon. It popped barely before it flew. Just after it was born It popped and disappeared. 風 風 吹くな しゃぼん玉 とばそ Wind, wind, don't blow for a while― I'll blow and make soap bubbles.