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the collection

the collection

Snowfall - Curtis Macdonald - New Age Solo Piano

4y ago


From the CD "Within This Mist of Blue", a romantic solo piano composition. iTunes: As the soul searches for the right thoughts during times when the mind is flushed with memories of loved ones and recollecting special moments, music such as this piece from the collection of original compositions from Curtis Macdonald can be the perfect accompaniment. These image inducing and heartfelt solo piano melodies from the new CMMP CD "Within This Mist of Blue", are lullaby-like in nature and have a cinematic quality to them. The music is a soundtrack depicting feelings of solace and solitude for the times one would want to be alone with their thoughts. Many of the nocturnes reflect a somber mood for when you are within this mist of blue. CD or MP3 Album on Amazon : Discover the artist: