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the snorks

the snorks

The Snorks tour - Roma - May 25th 2012 // Loris Gréaud - Anti-Pop Consortium

2y ago


Premiere of the Snorks Tour in Roma at santo spirito in sassia THE SNORKS TOUR is an immense plunge into the world of the abyss. Initiated in 2009 by conceptual artist, Loris Greaud, it is a kind of fictional extension of "The Snorks" project and a musical cosmic epic 5000 metres below sea level. Fascinated by the discovery of bioluminescence, Loris Greaud has jumped feet first into this luminous alternative system of communication, in order to unearth what is today described as an epic backward tale of the exploration of the universe. "The Snorks" has been thought of as a spatiotemporal capsule in which the possibility of "alien communication" is constantly being hatched and replayed. This concept is driven by the abstract hip-hop of Anti-Pop Consortium, the extreme explorations of the Antares deep-sea station, and research by MIT Sea Grant College. With fireworks displays followed by hallucinogenic projections on the screens of Times Square, followed by live music specifically composed for deep-sea creatures, the project has turned out to be in a state of constant evolution. Over 36 months, the Snorks phenomenon has travelled all over the world, from Abu Dhabi to Paris via Los Angeles, Boston, New York and Hawaï. It has been in the air and over and through the ocean, bringing on board a plethora of experts, authors, artists and other collaborators who endeavor to meet the project's demands and obsessions. The Snorks saga is now re-emerging through an innovative format: the projection of a retrospective film followed by a live performance by Anti-Pop Consortium. Creating an authentic "pop-up book" experience, the group will take to the stage at the closing credits to perform music that has been specially produced for the deep-sea creatures -- the original soundtrack of a project beyond description. With exclusive concerts designed for the "intraterrestrial" alien population, the Snorks Tour will take place in select locations for a limited period. Join the tour, « A concert for creatures » and embark upon an enigmatic voyage to where reality has caught up with fiction! contact: