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electro funk

electro funk

Snap! - The Power Official Music Video © 1990

1y ago


Snap! - The Power Official Music Video. ℗ 1990 Logic Records. The vocal "I've Got The Power" is a sample taken from the original hit "Love's gonna get you" performed by the American R&B and dance music singer Jocelyn Brown. Song released in 1985; Contains samples of the song "King Of The Beats" performed by the American hip-hop and electro funk music group Mantronix. Song released in 1988. Tecnical data before the upload: Original Video Format: MP4 (Codec H.264 - 7000Kbs Variable Bitrate - 2 Pass Encoding) Original Video Size: 202.778Kb; 1280x720 (16.9 WideScreen High Definition Upscaled - De-Interlaced) Frame Rate 25ps - Zoom 100% Original Audio Codec: MPEG-4 AAC 320Kbs Variable Bitrate This music video is also included in the dvd-video compilation: SNAP! - THE BEST. ℗ & © 2003 Anzilotti & Münzing. NOTE: All the comments are not strictly related to this video will be removed.