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short story collection

short story collection

Snake vore story - A most disturbing story about love- Dark Stories

4y ago


I would like to add that this story is part of my newly released short story collection: If you would like to read more stories like this, I invite you to buy it. SHORT VERSION: To know more about the book please visit: and sign up for the pre-launch list:) And browse other stories at LONG VERSION: (Why is it called a 'snake vore story"? Although it has no explicit elements might contain small amounts of something some might call snake vore, although that's up to debate. Although by that logic little red ridding hood might be called a 'wolf vore story' but still I wanted to warn people who have less than positive emotions towards that fetish. That's why I have added vore snake at the end, but really the vore in this story is artistic and shouldn't disgust anyone but the most mellow person) The disturbing video you've just seen is a narrated story about a snake. This snake story is titled "In the beginning a dream" and is part of the short story collection titled "Dark stories & Twisted tales from the voices in your head", which in turn is part of the short story series called "interesting stories from". This particular story, which by some could be described as a 'most disturbing story' is a story about love, and not just any love, but forbidden love. A love between a carnivore and a rodent. I hope that you'll enjoy it, and if you do know that this short story is part of a larger collection and to know about it you need to visit the following pages: for the authors website And specifically To see the books (One of them being Dark stories & Twisted tales from the voices in your head, which holds the most disturbing story you're reading now) I would like you to highly encourage you to sign up to that email list because if you do you'll get: - Regular updates to the most disturbing stories about love, forgiveness, and weirdness. - You'll also get notified when I'll publish my book