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warner bros

warner bros

SMPTE Who We Are

4y ago


SMPTE Members explain in their own words who SMPTE is. A brief history of SMPTE into the current and future activities are discussed, including SMPTE's expertise, and challenges in quickly advancing technology. Featuring: Peter Ludé - SMPTE President and Senior VP of Sony Solutions Engineering, Hans Hoffman - SMPTE Engineering VP and Programme Manger EBU Technology & Development, Wendy Aylsworth - SMPTE Executive Vice President and Senior VP of Technology Warner Bros. Technical Operations, Chris Lennon - SMPTE Engineering Director and Harris Corp's CTO Group Lead tom Scott - SMPTE Engineering DIrector and EDNet Onstream Media's VP of Technology, Chris McGurk - CEO Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp, and Ujwal Nirgudkar - SMPTE Section Chair, India Section and Filmlab India's Technical Director, and SMPTE's Executive Director - Barbara Lange.