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Keith Levene was an early member of The Clash and The Flowers of Romance (most notable for also featuring a pre-Sex Pistols Sid Vicious). Although he never recorded with The Clash, he co-wrote "What's My Name", featured on their first album. Levene has often claimed that he co-wrote several songs on The Clash's first album. According to Simon Reynolds in his book Rip It Up and Start Again, Levene was an avid progressive rock fan who'd served at age fifteen as a roadie for Yes on their Close to the Edge tour. After the Sex Pistols disintegrated, Levene co-founded Public Image Ltd (PiL) with John Lydon. His guitar work was much imitated by several punk rockers and others, including The Edge of U2. On later PiL recordings, Levene would often forgo his guitar for synthesizer. He left PiL acrimoniously in 1983 just before shows which would later form the Live In Tokyo album. He released the original versions of the songs on his own label[1] under the title Commercial Zone. In 1985 he moved to Los Angeles where he formed a company with his second wife, journalist Shelly da Cunha.[2] He has released several solo records, most recently the Killer in the Crowd EP in 2004 (wikipedia)