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project manager

Skywatchers: The Process

4y ago


presented by The Luggage Store Gallery, Streetopia Festival, and ABD Productions June 10, 2012 Tenderloin National Forest San Francisco, California SKYWATCHERS is a community performance project created in partnership with the Community Housing Partnership, residents of the Senator Hotel, Tenderloin National Forest, The Embodiment Project, and ABD Productions. Artistic Director: Anne Bluethenthal Sound Artist, Composer: Gretchen Jude Singer, Composer, Choir Director: Melanie DeMore Performing Ensemble: Janice Detroit (Knight), June Johnson from the Senator Hotel; Nicole Klaymoon's Embodiment Project Ensemble; and ABD's Chin-chin Hsu Resident Voices: Janice Detroit, Alexandra Briere-Williams, Geniver Williams, Donel Fuller, Berta Brown, Monroe Whitt With immeasurable assistance from residents of the Senator Hotel Warren Chatman, Preston Horton, and many others. And with the support of CHP staff: Roberto Meija, Tenant Services Supervisor Celestine Robinson and Ryan Van Runkle, Tenant Services Counselor Isabella Marshall, Property Manager Gabriel Heywood, Development and Communications Manager ABD Project Manager: Andrea Mia Video by : Loren R. Robertson Productions -