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the skydivers

the skydivers

Skydiving accidents

4y ago


--- Subscribe for more --- Video depicts some of the unfortunate dangers of the skydiving sport. This video is indented to be educational. Skydiving is a great sport, but accidents can happen. _______________________________________________ What is GlobalLeaks? We live in a lively world. Amazing, scary, and important events are constantly taking place. GlobalLeaks is a channel that obtains footage of these events, and shares it with you. We believe that "Raw footage tells the story". Subscribe to this channel for breaking news, online news, world news, national news, current events, combat footage, amazing videos, shocking videos, extreme videos, explosions, crashes...the list goes on. All Music made by (Joshua Baker) and is © 2013 Joshua Baker ________________________________________________ *DISCLAIMER* This footage is NOT meant to be violent in any way. We are ONLY sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. If you have any questions or concerns contact us directly at