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social studies

social studies

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1y ago


Some are Dentist, Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Teachers, Social studies, English Teachers, Reporters, Journalist, Designers, Artist, Economist, Engineers, Technicians, Students, Business people, Cosmetologist, Stylist, Cashier, Receptionist, Secretaries, Sales women, Fashion Designers, Industrial Techs, Psychologist, Therapist, Administrators, Medical Students, Actress, Public Accountants, Casino dealers, Tourist guide, Coordinators for large companies, Events decorator, Managers, Mothers, Taking care of their Home, Some wanting to be a Great house wife and full time passion of taking care of their man, Interpreters, Translators, Independent Business ladies, Studying Medicine, Marketing Directors, Singers, Some could even be Models... Sign up Online Today and Meet Your Match on the I Love Latins Romance tour,