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Sims 2-Voice Auditions, voice overs needed!

4y ago


This movie is 81% in English...soo don't feel intimidated by the language barrier, you never know what you can accomplish until you try! I will upload a trailer once I get voice actors. If you have any questions as well as voice auditions, email me at and I will discuss lines with you and who you're interested in playing! About the movie (no name yet): Eun Chae works for a secret service unit that works at catching could say she's a spy. When faced with a problem, Eun Chae begs her best friend Mi Yun to help and become a boy to face the mysterious Seung Tae, who apparently is suspected of unspeakable crimes. ***I do not own this song!*** Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra** Also, if you've watched my previous sims 2 movies, don't use them as soul's been YEARS since I filmed those!