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Simon Cowell And David Walliams Bathing Together

1y ago


Simon Cowell And David Walliams Bathing Together, They famously hit it off during their time together on the last series of Britain's Got Talent. And it seems that Simon Cowell and David Walliams' relationship is going from strength to strength. At least, that's what Alison Jackson, maker of the new BBC Three comedy series Celebrity Bitchslap News, would have us believe. The show features a hilarious sequence made with David and Simon lookalikes in which the pair enjoy a romantic bubble bath together. A video shows 'Simon Cowell'- clad in a dressing gown and sunglasses- enter a luxurious bathroom. He disrobes to reveal black boxer briefs, which he removes as a team of attendants rush to tend to his every need. Pamper session: The pair are tended to by a number of assistants while bathing Simon is then seen bathing in a bubble bath while having his head and feet rubbed. 'David Walliams' enters, and takes off his dressing gown, showing off a pair of red briefs with a strawberry pattern. Removing the briefs, he then joins Simon in the bath, and yet more helpers arrive to ensure they are being looked after. Walliams giggles as Simon puts his feet up in the tub, and the pair toast. Once out of the bath, Simon is rigorously towelled off by his aids, who also hair dry his back hair. David is similarly tended to, and Simon is then manhandled into a very restrictive pair of 'corseted' draws. The video ends with Simon- still wearing sunglasses- admiring himself wearing the underwear in a mirror. Celebrity Bitchslap News is a spoof celebrity gossip show that brings you the 'real stories' behind the headlines. Footage captured by members of the public on their camera phones, recorded on CCTV cameras and leaked by indiscreet staff, this is every celeb PR's worst nightmare - all as imagined by BAFTA winner Alison Jackson. I DO NOT OWN AND AM NOT INVOLVED IN THE FOLLOWING MATERIAL WHATSOEVER. MY POSTING IS SOLELY FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES All Right Reserved by BBC NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED.