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hd sound

hd sound

Sidewalk & People Ambience Sound Effect

4y ago


Download HD Sound Effect: - Sidewalk sound (6:51) - HD surround sample! - 24bit / 96 kHz wav file - Stereo and surround formats - Sounds of people, hum, footsteps, conversations, clock on the tower Recording & cooperation: Blu-Audio - A place near the market place. There are sounds of people walking and footsteps on wet surface coming from everywhere. Conversations are carried in many languages. Sometimes we can hear the hum of street traffic from a distance. Calm, walking atmosphere. Details and specific sounds 00:00-00:05 - pigeon 00:34-00:40 - weird sounds of people 01:25-01:35 - conversation and old man's slight laughter 01:58-02:01 - clock on the tower striking a quarter 04:34-05:40 - conversation of a man who was passing near the microphones 05:54-06:30 - high heels footsteps on the wet floor Total time: 6:51