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Sicamous, British Columbia Flash Flood, June 23, 2012

4y ago


My three sons and their friends were up at Sicamous Falls outside of Sicamous at 2 Mile. My one son texted me and said to get there right away the falls are going crazy. I went to grab my umbrella before heading out and before we could get out of the lane way, he was coming down the street beeping his horn at us. He then proceeded to tell us that The local Houseboat company was currently being flooded with the waters coming up and over the creek. We headed out right away and just before we could get to the end of our was already blocked off by RCMP. My son was first in line at the stop sign and he waited it out. The RCMP and a local woman had stopped to help out in directing traffic back the opposite way. We were allowed to pass as we knew this person. I proceeded to get pics and footage until we were told we had to leave.