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gabe alberro

gabe alberro


4y ago


This is the first preview for SHYLARK, latest film from underground artist GABE ALBERRO, about a renegade race car driver who risks it all after a near fatal crash to be the man again. His woman is a gold digger, his friends are against him; All he has is a hidden dufflebag full of green and the fucking WILL to drive again. for extras... Starring J.Bishop, Crystal Cubria, Oscar Torre, Diz, David Bakitis, Omar Marrero, Pam Pitt, Star and Sun Ashworth, and former race car legend Dale Schrader... fucking shit up. Now say it with me... SHY fucking LARRRRKKKK... Shylark: A word that is a cross between Loanshark and Shylock...