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"Shut the Duck Up" Burger

4y ago


The sale and production of Foie Gras, aka force-fed fattened duck liver, is now illegal in California. That hasn't stopped chef Jason Quinn of Downtown Santa Ana's PLAYGROUND restaurant from taking his infamous Playground burger, adding an additional patty, plus 6 oz. of the illustrious foie gras to the do you spell "FUCK THE POLICE"? The burger will be plated alongside a massive side of fries and a beer, and 10 of the craziest eaters in Orange County -- for an event called Gluttons and Glory, a first of its kind, high-end eating competition. Make sure to catch the ridiculousness August 11th, 9:30 p.m. at The Playground! GLUTTONS & GLORY Brought to you by: Foodbeast, Orisue and The Playground Join the event: Read more on the SHUT THE DUCK UP burger: ------------------------- Video by: Video Music by: