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weight gain

weight gain

شرايها عليا؟ رمضان وزيادة الوزن (Shrayha Alia? Ramadan & Weight Gain)

4y ago


لماذا يزيد وزن البعض في رمضان او مباشرة بعده بالرغم من الصيام لساعات طويلة؟ وكيف تحافظ على وزن مثالي خلال الشهر الكريم؟ تعلم المزيد من هذه الحلقة من "شرايها عليا؟" Ramadan and weight gain Why do some people gain weight in Ramadan or immediately after in spite of the long hours of fasting? And how do you maintain your ideal weight during the holy month? Learn more on this episode of 'Shrayha Alia' For English subtitles, click the 'cc' button at the bottom of the video. For sponsorship and airing rights, email All episodes on