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SHOWstudio: Dasha Zhukova / Chloë Sevigny - Fashion Fetish

4y ago


Directed by founder and editor-in-chief of Garage magazine, Dasha Zhukova, and starring actress Chloë Sevigny and fashion writer Derek Blasberg, this film forms part of the Fashion Fetish film season on - a series of fashion films, performances, multi-media pieces and accompanying essays by women in fashion, that comment on the contentious and provocative fusion of fashion with fetish. Credits: Concept: Dasha Zhukova and Derek Blasberg; Direction: Dasha Zhukova; Performance: Chloë Sevigny, Derek Blasberg and Peter Brant II; Choreography: Mark Stuart; Costume design: Giovanna Battaglia; Production OCTV: Andinh Ha, Thierry Cheung, Rory Satran; Production: Carisa Glucksman; Title design: Mike Meiré, Toby Tschense; Script: Dasha Zhukova, Derek Blasberg and Yasi Salek; Direction assistance: Tati Barrantes; Photography direction: Federico Cesca; Production assistance: Philip Nguyen; Production design: Kate Rance; Hair: Ashley Javier at Art and Commerce; Make-up: Michael Anthony; Production design assistance: Daeha Ko; Choreography assistance: Jamie Verazin; Costume design assistance: Solange Franklin, Amanda King; Styling coordination: Daria Radlinski; Hair assistance: Eric J; Grooming: Emma Berley; Camera assistance: Joshua Koenig; Gaffer: Zack Schamberg; B-Camera operation: Pau Dalmases; Key gripping: Ronny Dörfler; Music supervision: Carisa Glucksman; Music edit: Chuck Martin; Sound mix: Scott Hirsch; Edit: Andinh Ha, Bruce Thierry Cheung, Pau Dalmases.