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Shopify Build-A-Business Competition 2011 Winners - Coffee Joulies

2y ago


Shopify Build-A-Business Competition 2012 - Come up with a product to sell, open an online store using Shopify, and start selling. Our mentors and community will give you great advice and guidance along the way. At the end of the competition, the four stores that sell the most over a two month period will each win a $50,000 investment from their mentor. You'll receive exclusive advice from our mentors; Tim Ferriss, Daymond John, Eric Ries and Tina Roth Eisenberg. Dave Jackson and Dave Petrillo are two mechanical engineers from New Jersey. They went on Kickstarter to crowd-source funding Coffee Joulies with a goal of $9,500. They ended up raising $306,944. Coffee Joulies are polished stainless steel beans that regulate the temperature of coffee. For more details please visit