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alien life

alien life

SHOCKING Footage of ALIEN-BEING KILLED - Guadalajara, Mexico

1y ago


Exclusive (SHOCKING) Real Footage of an Alien Life Form being shot in Guadalajara, Mexico on July 13, 2012. Warning: This Video Contains Extremely Disturbing Content. Viewer Discretion is Highly Considered. "footage" "of" "alien" "shot" "killed" "on tape" "aliens" "shocking" "videos" "real" "trailer" "et" "coast to coast am" "june" "july" "2012" "david wilcock" "project camelot" "sightings" "ufo" "unidentified" "caught" "this" "week" "month" "today" "may" "april" "with" "art bell" "george noory" "earth changes" "reptilians" "illuminati" "on the horizon" "prophecy" "alex jones" "steve quayle" "demons" "fukushima" "ghosts" "hollow earth" "zombie" "vampires" "bigfoot" "nephilim" "apocalypse"