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be happy

be happy

Shizzy Sixx - BET Hot16 2012

2y ago


Download my recent mixtape Act Sixx by clicking below: Lyrics: Okay its Sixx again, Brooklyn beast Hard enough to turn Medusa to a pillow if she dared to look at me. Who is he? The prince of this. Back and attacking for BET If you doubt what I'm bout put your money at your mouth I'll be happy to take every BET An elite MC. Boy its a problem when I fly in. I'm out for more green than a vegetarians diet. On grind like inline, you dont get whats happenin Makin belts out your pelts once I get you all rattlin' uh, I want the crown on my mantle Boy I'm swinging 2 sledges too powerful for Thor to handle. Hammer Dance, I'm 5'9 swinging a sword You'll either get a Crooked I(eye) or chill with the lord Body acts by the hoard You dont get what I have in store I'll reassure you, take your 2 dollar act back to the store Either dislatchin your jaw, or leave you cats on the floor The choice is yours, know it'll happen for sure