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in recovery

in recovery

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4y ago


Hey I’m Sean, a lead advocate for the Heroes in Recovery movement. I’m getting ready to head out on a 30 day road trip from July 11th to August 8th to gather, collect and share 60 stories of recovery across America. As a part of the Heroes in Recovery movement, we believe that through our stories of recovery we can help break the stigmas associated with addiction and mental illness. These are stories of our journey and celebrate who we are today, not who we were. They inform others of how recovery affects all of us, not just the individual dealing with addiction and/or mental illness.Starting July 11, 2012 you can track my travels through my travel blog and read all the inspiring stories I collect on this road trip across the great US of A. If you won’t be seeing me up close and personal, you can still be apart of the road trip and help me complete my mission by sharing your story of recovery or your story to help your loved ones on their journey to recovery on the site.